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Let the Gardening Begin!

Garden Started

When I got home today from bf’s there was a swarm of buzzards and crows. After some searching and calling, I found the baby cow to be safe. Mama and my StepDad drove up a few minutes later with the Tractor and plow in tow. I got him to break ground for my garden. I think bf is as excited as I am about the gardening and possible ranch in years to come.

Later I took out the camera and started snooping around my Dad’s old barn. I found the most amazing things there the other day and a few more today.

This is an old crate of some sort I found under a bench in the Barn, I see a container for flowers.


Old license plates all in a stack on the afore mentioned bench. These antiques are from 1968 and still in the plastic. I’m sure they were for farm equiptment that Daddy never took out on the road.

An old hand plow of Daddy’s. Really who knows how old it is, I’m sure Grand Daddy used it too.


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