Works For Me Wednesday: The phone that saved me!

November 11, 2008 at 6:50 pm Leave a comment

As a few of you know, my posts have been very rare lately. I did try to keep up on Twitter, but its hard to stay up to date on everything going on. However the one thing that saved me was my new AT&T Tilt. I’ve had phones break, modems break, and even KoolAid in my laptop lately. The tilt has me online and I’m not even in a 3G area. Its a bit slower than in the city, but hey it works.

Today I did get my finance’s computer online, and can use the Tilt for a modem. Isn’t that awesome! For a country girl and only having dial-up as a resort when everything else has failed (satellite here we come!) the Tilt has kept me sane.

Some cool specs that I’ve enjoyed include 3.0 Mega Pixel Camera, Sliding and tilting Touchscreen.
Full Qwerty keypad and it has Windows Mobile 6 which is a great upgrade from what I’ve experienced. Having my Outlook calendar at my fingertips has saved me more than once also. If you are shopping around try this phone out, its more than just a phone, its a life saver.

At&T Tilt works for me! For more WFMW go check out Rocks In My Dryer

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