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I’ve always wanted to be a princess. What girl doesn’t? I was kidding around with N a few weeks ago and mentioned it. I’d had a rough time, and he was MIA for several days, but when things came together he called me Princess. It was out of the blue, and I really hadn’t thought that he’d listened. I told him about the book The Five Love Languages. I’ve not read the entire book, but it is pretty neat. So basically I told him that my love language is words of affirmation, and we figured out that his is touch. So after that really bad week, and he called me Princess and told me that he missed me, I cried.

Today I’ve been listening to the Fly Show. There is a lot of talk about loving yourself. One thing that Leanne said that really stuck with me today, is that I am the daughter of a King!!!! I am a princess!!!! I am not in my castle yet, but my home awaits me. I will serve my King until it is time for me to go home. Why shouldn’t I love myself as much as my King does? If I am worthy of being loved by my King, why can’t I love myself? I’m not saying I hate myself, but sometimes I just really need that extra hug, or pick me up.

Now I just need to find ways to love myself. I’m a princess, so who doesn’t love being a princess. Maybe I should make my own tiara so that I can pretend while I’m at home. I think that I’m mostly worried now about if other’s love me. If I don’t change my “stinkin thinkin” I will never be able to show my kids how to love themselves.

Mission: I’m going to remember to do something special for me every single day! I will put a sticker, or something to mark it on my calendar and report back here about my progress.

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Patience Pays Off

It is one week later, and I’ve already gotten 4 phone calls from the same guy this morning. The decision not to chase, and sticking with it may have paid off. I’m sure he’ll read this now, and think I’m crazy, but I’m not sure that I care. If you do read this, please don’t be offended.

A little history about this guy and myself. We met a few months back online, and talked on yahoo a time or two. I got the impression that he wasn’t interested in the slightest, and work was his main objective. He seemed mostly elusive. So I get an email from him a few days ago. I told him basically that I didn’t think he was interested before, and why email me again. Not sure if he forgot about me or what. This time he has assured me that he is interested, and from the phone calls I think that may be true. I guess I was a bit elusive at first this time, because of past events, but I eventually had the time to return one of many missed calls yesterday afternoon. I’m glad that I did.

My warning of the day is not to rush into anything yet. He’s out of town until the end of the month, so I do have some time to get to know him, and get my thoughts straight before a first date. I didn’t sleep a lot last night, and apparently he can’t sleep today. I’m trying not to read a lot into this yet, but he’s a cutie, and very sweet and seems like a nice respectable man.

That’s all for now, maybe I’ll have an update later on.

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