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July 9, 2008 at 11:50 am 2 comments

Works for me Wednesday


What works for me this week is my grocery list. I have a master grocery list that I print out and mark what I need, then it only takes me 20 minutes in the grocery store to buy groceries, and this is with 4 kids in tow. Most of the time I have a running list on the fridge and then just add what is needed to implement my Menu for the week, and any other odds and ends. I should start couponing also, but the only store around is Walmart, and it frustrates me enough as it is.

This is what my list looks like:

Produce Pantry Meat Bathroom
Fruit: corn Deli: Christi
bananas green beans turkey body soap
apples Black Beans ham shampoo
oranges red Beans roast beef deodorant
grapes Peas hot dogs toothpaste
strawberries Diced Tomato bacon razor
kiwi Chicken Noodle sausage shave gel
limes tomato sauce lunchables Qtips
lemons crushed tomato band aids
Veggies: cream of chicken butcher: neosporin
lettuce ravioli chicken breast
green pepper Rotel Tomato chicken wings Kayla:
cucumbers pasta whole chicken soap
carrots mac -n- cheese ground beef shampoo/ cond
tomato rice steak toothpaste
salad steak tips lotion
colored peppers ground turkey
spinich pork chops Payton
broccoli Roast soap
corn on the cob deodorant
basil Snacks Dairy shampoo
parsley ritz crackers 1% milk toothpaste
garlic cheeze its cheese slices lotion
Cilantro nachos Block Cheese
onion chips eggs Austin:
cookies sour cream soap
100 cal snacks cottage cheese shampoo
spray butter comb
Drinks cream cheese toothbrush
Spices etc….. Diet coke whipped cream toothpaste
cake mix crystal lite IND. margarine
frosting crystal lite Velveeta
powdered sugar juice Pharmacy
pepper propel Advil
season salt bottled water Paper Products multi vitamin
sea salt red bull plates Excedrin
Ceyenne pepper bowls benedryl
oregano spoons ibuprofen
cinnamon forks tylenol
pudding Frozen coffee filters cough medicine
paprika sausage biscuits paper towels allergy pills
basil toaster strudels kleenex
sugar fries napkins
flour mixed veggies toilet paper Condiments
Splenda pizza cups ketchup
ice cream aluminum foil mustard
OPC Combo sammy bags mayo
Breads pancakes freezer bags worstershire
Bread waffles garbage bags hot sauce
Hot Dog Buns lean cuisine dog food pickles
Hamburger Buns pot pies saran wrap RedWine Vin.
Rolls mango olive oil
pineapple canola
Strawberries balsamic vin.
bbq sauce

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