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Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Mr. Polka Spot said “Let’s go to Graceland.”

I said, “Okay.”


Here we are after not checking the forcast the night before and ended up in the pouring rain. Thank goodness it was only 50 degrees, and no colder. We had a blast!

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Little Bunny Foo Foo

Thursday night, Mr. Polka Spot came to the bathroom to tell me “I don’t want you to freak out, but there is a rabbit in the house!” I start asking questions. Mr Spot had walked out to his car and left the door open. He looked up and something was hopping into the house.

We searched and searched to no avail. After giving up we went on to bed, leaving the door open so the little creature could hop outside.

At 1:55 I hear little thumper in my bathroom. I start tapping Mr. Polka Spot on the leg, until he wakes. We go to investigate.

When we look into the tub, there we find….



Mr Polka Spot saves lite little fellow


Awe how sweet!!!!We talk to him and pet him for a few minutes, and he’s perfectly content to be held. So what do we do with him until we can move the cage the next afternoon?



Put him in the Polka Spot Kids’ gallon sized pickle jar!


So what next? I kept him in the jar, or the bathtub for most of the next day. I did take him out to pet and hold while watching tv for about an hour. Mr. Spot came home with a lovely cage, we put him in it then went to deliver Polka Spot Son6 to his mother. When we made it home he had escaped!!!

Now we are shopping for another bunny. We are thinking of maybe a breeding pair next time.

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My alternate personality

Polka Spot Farm and Ranch

I added a blog for the farm at the above link, just simply because we want to treat it as a business at some point in the future. I will try to move the gardening posts over to the new blog. At least from now on, if its outside at my house, it is probably over at my alternate personality.

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I have the most amazing boy friend! While sitting around the last few days I will look at blogs and he comments here and there. Many times there are polka dots on the pages, and in fabric that I’m looking at. Finally I errupted with we must name the farm the Polka Spot Farm…well it could be Polka Spot Ranch if we have mainly animals. I want a small Farmers market also, with all polka spot curtains and all kinds of things. I started the Polka Spot Farm Blog yesterday and hopefully will put all of the farmly goodness there soon.

On another note I left my lights on in the van again today. I’m notorious for this. Called my aunt and she wanted to finish lunch first, and is now on her way. BF is going to get me my very own jump box. I have one but apparently it never worked. He’s the best! I LOVE YOU BABY!!

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Happy Super Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday. I haven’t been to the polls yet, but I will go as soon as I get home and get a shower. Today is also Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras and tomorrow will be the start of the Lenten season. I’ve been thinking about what I will give up for Lent. I’m leaning toward Cokes, and other colas. BF and I have had our fair share the last few weeks. If I can replace cola with water, I’ll be doing better on my water intake.

On another note, because my connection at home has been down for quite some time, I haven’t been able to update about the gardening this year. I ordered some seed catalogs, visited the local farmers co-op, and ordered loofah seeds today. BF has decided on a salsa garden, and I’m just not sure what else I would like to plant, but loofah, tomato and lavender sounds like a start.

We found such a cool store at the Galleria this past weekend! Ambiance. Hopefully I can find a website for it soon. We hope to frequent the Galleria from now on. I did go to town yesterday and found a couple shirts to reform into dresses for K, a basket, skirt, soap bottle, and BF’s V-Day present.

Next up will be more plans on sewing, gardening and maybe an update on flooring options for the house.


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Me and Jr. hangin

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P1090003, originally uploaded by sweetrattle.

We decided to play some dice, and look who I won!!!

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Sometimes I Wonder…Who my person is. Looks like I’ve ran out of best friends. When things go wrong, the person who I like to run to, has changed a few times over the years. After talking to someone that I want to be close to today, looks like they could care less what’s going on with me right now.

On another note, I know that he read the last post. I think he liked it, but I’m a big confused about a few things with him. This isn’t new for me.

Today I stayed home. I haven’t been sleeping well, and last night my tummy hurt sooo bad. It feels better now, but not great. I just basically slept all day. I did accomplish finishing 1 load of clothes, my sheets are drying now, and one load to go into the dryer. I got my pots and pans cabinet cleaned out.


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