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Wordless Wednesday 09/10/08

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September 10, 2008 at 8:44 am 6 comments

After the Rain

I love taking pictures after an afternoon shower around the farm. Here are a few things from yesterday.

2 Pears

2 Pears



My Peeps

My Peeps

Little Hydrangea

Little Hydrangea



July 14, 2008 at 1:02 am 2 comments

Welcome to my new abode!

I’ve been on a blogging vacation lately. I tended to get more annoyed with blogging than enjoying what I was doing. Apparently I’m not the only one, seems like this goes around. I’ve used livejournal and blogger for quite some time, but never really enjoyed any of it. I decided to take WordPress for a test drive. So here I am.

June 14, 2008 at 3:42 am 1 comment

Little Bunny Foo Foo


Thursday night, Mr. Polka Spot came to the bathroom to tell me “I don’t want you to freak out, but there is a rabbit in the house!” I start asking questions. Mr Spot had walked out to his car and left the door open. He looked up and something was hopping into the house.

We searched and searched to no avail. After giving up we went on to bed, leaving the door open so the little creature could hop outside.

At 1:55 I hear little thumper in my bathroom. I start tapping Mr. Polka Spot on the leg, until he wakes. We go to investigate.

When we look into the tub, there we find….


Mr Polka Spot saves lite little fellow


Awe how sweet!!!!We talk to him and pet him for a few minutes, and he’s perfectly content to be held. So what do we do with him until we can move the cage the next afternoon?


Put him in the Polka Spot Kids’ gallon sized pickle jar!


So what next? I kept him in the jar, or the bathtub for most of the next day. I did take him out to pet and hold while watching tv for about an hour. Mr. Spot came home with a lovely cage, we put him in it then went to deliver Polka Spot Son6 to his mother. When we made it home he had escaped!!!

Now we are shopping for another bunny. We are thinking of maybe a breeding pair next time.

April 1, 2008 at 3:04 am 2 comments

I did get most of my Tackle it Tuesday done, but yesterday was a wash as far as school work went. I did get some pots planted. Mr. Polka Spot was all anxious about his appointment yesterday afternoon, the kids were all out of school also. DS6 was at his Nana’s house, DD6 had gum in her hair when she got up. We got it out with Tea Tree Oil, then sent her to the shower. Then I keep hearing her say ” I’m cold!” I checked, and sure enuff the hot water heater was off. Checked the propane and we were out. I called and our account switched offices. They were there in a little over an hour to fill the tank. Not even fill, only 100 gallons and it was almost 300 bucks!!! THEN we piddled all day with the garden and when looking at the tank for the water pump, Mr. PS somehow managed to unglue a pipe for the main line!!! Ok it was crunch time and all of my pvc glue was dried out. Finally we got new glue, got it put back together and I had just enough time to get Mr. PS lunch and him out the door. When he finally made it home, we hung out until church. Church was nice last night.

Now the plan for today:

9am Tax Man’s office
Decide on Topics for 2 papers
Look up sources for 1 paper
2 quiz’s if at all possible
Make Chicken nuggets before school is out
3:10 Pick up kiddos
3:20 snack, homework, dress for practice
4:30 meet Mr Polka Spot and DS6
5:00 Little Leauge Practice/TBall Practice (different locations)
6:30 Head home
6:45 Start Dinner
7:45 Start Showers
8:45 Start Settling down
10:00pm GET IN BED!!!

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My alternate personality

Polka Spot Farm and Ranch

I added a blog for the farm at the above link, just simply because we want to treat it as a business at some point in the future. I will try to move the gardening posts over to the new blog. At least from now on, if its outside at my house, it is probably over at my alternate personality.

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Rain Rain Go Away

Everytime we think its gonna be pretty it rains again. Today all of the kids stayed home because of the flu, and it rained on top of that. There was a lot of lightening and thundering too, which means that its gonna frost at least 4 times next month. That’s and old wives tale that bf keeps reminding me of. The load of lime hasn’t made it because of the rain, its too early to buy tomato plants or actually plant anything…I’m getting bored with the non planting stage of my garden. I did go out and find some cool things out under the shed that was my dad’s when he was alive, and prolly his dad’s when he was alive and so on. I want to get pictures of some of these things so that everyone can see some of the history here. I think we are gonna get goats and a llama do. The llama is already named drama. We have a new pet too….well not really, but a skunk has taken refuge somewhere on the lane.

Hopefully I will get more posting now that i have the new cell modem. I hate not having dsl!!! TTFN!

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