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Happy Birthday!

My baby is growing up! Happy 6th Darling!

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MAMA! They are stuck in the tree!!!!

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from phone and cam 059, originally uploaded by sweetrattle.

Right before a rain shower came in, the wind was blowing and that’s what I hear! I rush outside to find they were playing. I sent the oldest in for the camera, and started snapping pictures as the kids climbed down. Big brother helped these two, but mama was standing by just in case.

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Birthday List

My son now has a list written.


  • Ipod Shuffle
  • GoCart
  • Clark Wallabees
  • Pellet Gun
  • And possible money to take to the mall 

This is the kid that wanted a baby goat, and a double barrel shot gun for Christmas last year. Boy has he changed. He’ll be 8 November 2nd. I can’t believe my babies are growing up.


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Aren’t they just the cutest couple ever?

Originally uploaded by sweetrattle.

I can’t wait to get the real pictures back, cause they are adorable, even if they are my own!

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Miss Football 2006

Originally uploaded by sweetrattle.

Well, neither of us won, but I did run out of yarn for a sock while waiting and drank 4 bottles of water…had to get up off the 2nd row and walk to the bathroom durning the middle of the dang thing.

Isn’t my little one sooo cute! I’ll have pictures later of my little man also.

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