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Shopping for a new Church

Mr. Polka Spot and I have been talking churches a lot lately. We have been unsatisfied with our church for quite some time now. I guess I have been for years, and just didn’t do a whole lot about it. Now that I have a church buddy, I don’t mind shopping around. We decided a few weeks ago to start our shopping, but really just didn’t do a whole lot of anything but talk and skip regular services. So last weekend 3 of the Polka Spot Kiddos were gone and we decided to join My Aunt and Uncle at their church.

We felt so welcomed when we walked in. This is also a small church, as I was used to being here in the country. Everything seemed new and sparkly, yet humble. As soon as we sat down there were people walking over to welcome us to their church. The pastor even walked over and talked with us a few minutes before the services started. Aunt and Uncle were not there, but we later found out they were rushing to the ER with Cousin. (She’s ok now, but still needs prayers).  We enjoyed everything, although things were different than what we were used to. Then comes the sermon. Well let me just say that when both of our eyes were as big as saucers because of fingers waving in the air, and a red faced pastor screaming at the top of his lungs about a weeping willow plant, we pretty much conveyed to each other that we were not happy campers.

Today the pastor came to visit. Mr. Polka Spot was getting ready for work, and I met the pastor outside. We talked a few minutes and he left. The man is very nice, and I do enjoy him outside of church. He did ask if we would give the church a few weeks to make a decision on whether or not to make it a permanent decision. I did agree that we should do that, not that I really meant that we would go back. I hope things are not like that every week, but I’m afraid to try it again.

About a half hour later I received a call from Aunt. This is the first time I’ve heard anything from her since before we had decided to go to the church. I have tried to contact her, but I’m guessing she’d been out of pocket with Cousin. She asked us to come back a few times before the pastor scared us off from the church. I told her that I may decide to go back, but I’m just not sure.

Even though I did understand the screams and yells from the pastor, I did not get anything out of the message. I really wanted this to be the church for my family. I feel underwhelmed, and even disappointed about the whole ordeal. I don’t want to be pressured by members and pastors to visit again, but I feel like that is all that will happen for quite some time.

The next weekend that Mr. Polka Spot is not working, we hope to visit another church. I keep praying to find our niche in church. We are both aching for the teachings of Christ.

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