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100 Things I believe In

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. my children
  3. true love
  4. smiles
  5. true spring water
  6. floating
  7. hugs
  8. kisses
  9. quilts
  10. freshly laundered sheets
  11. true friends
  12. mothers
  13. church
  14. community
  15. fresh foods
  16. spice
  17. color
  18. markers
  19. Noah’s flood
  20. chrome
  21. imagination
  22. fabric
  23. stitches
  24. crisp
  25. flowers
  26. whole wheat
  27. the scottish
  28. the spanish
  29. blue seas
  30. horses
  31. kittens
  32. puppies
  33. whimsical
  34. red
  35. weddings
  36. natural
  37. organic
  38. woods
  39. purple
  40. cameras
  41. technology
  42. baby snuggles
  43. jars
  44. bottles
  45. creams
  46. shiny
  47. swirly
  48. chocolaty
  49. crystal
  50. the look
  51. moleskine
  52. big green eggs
  53. green eggs and ham
  54. homeschooling
  55. baseball
  56. teddy bears
  57. motivation
  58. strawberries
  59. herbs
  60. the Bible
  61. FlyLady
  62. LeAnne
  63. postcards
  64. letters
  65. pictures
  66. books
  67. the smell of citrus
  68. amy butler
  69. gingher
  70. sharpie
  71. hydrangeas
  72. chicks with sticks
  73. harry potter
  74. maeve binchy
  75. my friend mike
  76. the love of my life
  77. that God will be with me through everything
  78. javajem
  79. the Left Behind series
  80. fresh brown eggs
  81. vine ripened tomatoes
  82. measurements
  83. counting
  84. feelings
  85. moods
  86. fresh cut grass
  87. light rain
  88. rainbows
  89. freshly rain washed world
  90. the country
  91. Country music
  92. Ashton Shepherd
  93. Granny
  94. my yellow house
  95. Bacon
  96. ham and cheese
  97. hershey’s
  98. swaps
  99. timers
  100. table cloths

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Polka Spot Swap

I’m hosting a swap over at Swap Bot. If you would like to join these are the rules:

Sign up by August 19th and send your items by September 19th. There will be only be 1 partner per person.

This is a swap for things with Polka Spots (dots). You can choose anything to send, with a value of $5.00. Check your partners profile for ideas. Handmade is encouraged. Hearts for anything special as usual.

This is open to anyone with a score of 4.5 or higher and newbies. Absolutely no No Sends in the past 3 months. If you do not meet these requirements and still would like to join, please contact me and explain your situation.

If you cannot meet the deadline, please contact me and your partner in advance.

Go here to sign up and if you are new to Swap Bot you will need to go here to jopen an account.

I hope everyone has fun!


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The Questionare:

What are your favorite colors? Purple, pink, royal blue. I like brights.

Are you a mitten knitter? Never knitted mittens
How long have you been knitting socks?

Do you perfer solid or multicolored yarn? Multicolored.

What fibers do you normally prefer in mittn yarn? Wool prolly

How do you carry/store small projects? In small makeup bags usually

Where do you usually knit mittnss? On my lunch break at my lys or at the bus stop

What are your favorite mitten patterns? Proly the convertible ones

Whate are your favorite mitten knitting techniques? no clue

What new techniques would you like to try? I want to use old sweaters to felt and make mittens, but prolly to hot for my climate

What are your favorite needles for knitting mittens? i’m assuming bamboo dpns

What are some of your favorite yarns? Lorna’s Lace, Noro, hand dyed yarns for sure. Collinette

What yarn do you totally covet? Nothing particular at the moment.

Any pattern you would like to make if money and time were no object? there’s a mermaid jacket/coat.blazer that I LOVE forget the name of the company but its sold in kits

Favorite kind of needles? I love LOVE Suzanne ebony needles. I usually buy the circs, but only have a couple pair. I’d love to have dpn’s too

Do you ahvea a favorite candy or mailable snack? milk chocolate with almonds

If you were a color what color would you be? PURPLE

What is your most inspiring image in nature? Prolly flowers from bulbs, like tulips and such. i want to force paperwhites this year

Do you have a wishlist? I need to start one.

Anything else you’d like to share with this group today? Not today

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