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Tackle it Tuesday:

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today I’ve started the actual writing process of my papers, after multiple bumps in the road. I had to start almost completely over today. I’m looking forward to my diploma so I can have a real break from all of this!

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I did get most of my Tackle it Tuesday done, but yesterday was a wash as far as school work went. I did get some pots planted. Mr. Polka Spot was all anxious about his appointment yesterday afternoon, the kids were all out of school also. DS6 was at his Nana’s house, DD6 had gum in her hair when she got up. We got it out with Tea Tree Oil, then sent her to the shower. Then I keep hearing her say ” I’m cold!” I checked, and sure enuff the hot water heater was off. Checked the propane and we were out. I called and our account switched offices. They were there in a little over an hour to fill the tank. Not even fill, only 100 gallons and it was almost 300 bucks!!! THEN we piddled all day with the garden and when looking at the tank for the water pump, Mr. PS somehow managed to unglue a pipe for the main line!!! Ok it was crunch time and all of my pvc glue was dried out. Finally we got new glue, got it put back together and I had just enough time to get Mr. PS lunch and him out the door. When he finally made it home, we hung out until church. Church was nice last night.

Now the plan for today:

9am Tax Man’s office
Decide on Topics for 2 papers
Look up sources for 1 paper
2 quiz’s if at all possible
Make Chicken nuggets before school is out
3:10 Pick up kiddos
3:20 snack, homework, dress for practice
4:30 meet Mr Polka Spot and DS6
5:00 Little Leauge Practice/TBall Practice (different locations)
6:30 Head home
6:45 Start Dinner
7:45 Start Showers
8:45 Start Settling down
10:00pm GET IN BED!!!

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Tackle it Tuesday:

Today the plan is to make a plan. I have 3.5 weeks to finish all of my school work, this includes actually 4 papers, 2 are due on the 4th of next month. I want to make meal plans for the next month, along with a school schedule, also I need to find out about t-ball and baseball games. I also need to make a weekly schedule about household stuff or I will go nuts. OK this means my Control Journal is coming out to play. It has to stay out for the next month so things will automatically get done. TIME FOR ROUTINES!!!

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Who are you? I have erased everyone, and still don’t know who you are that’s checking out my blog. Lemme know.

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