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Making a Weekly Plan

This morning I’m thinking about the rest of my week, and how many things I have to do. Of course I’m pulling out my notebook to write a Todoodlist.Click here to view more details I have my menu plan already posted on my calendar. Homeschool is going much better since My son now really understands his schedule of things to do which I have written on these sheets for him to have and keep notes on. We also have a family thing, its Gran Gran’s 80th Birthday. I have to find something to wear, crossing my fingers! And to top it off, Friday I have two research papers due, I know I procrastinate! Now off to doodle my list. Have a great week. What’s on ur TodoodlistClick here to view more details?
Me and Drake, or is it Josh?

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So its time to get serious about weight

Mr. Spot and I joined Weight Watchers Online almost two weeks ago. We both signed up for a 7 day free trial. I didn’t take my card information off of the profiles. In the meanwhile we decided to make a change just to eat more healthy, because keeping up with points became harder for me to keep up with doing all the work all by myself us to keep up with. So anyways it hit me just now to check to see if it signed us up for the 60.00 package each for 3 months. Well of course it did! So I guess its time to get serious about loosing this weight. So far I have lost 5 pounds, and I’m not sure about Mr. Spot.

So now I’d like to put a small goal down. I’d like to loose another 10 lbs by the end of August and start doing some type of exersice at least 3 times a week. I love to walk and snorkel so I will start there and see how I do.

In other news, Mr. Spot is taking a new job in a little over a week. We are still waiting on the results from his drug test, but there’s no reason that will be a problem. As he said “I’ve been studying! What could go wrong?” PTL!! This job came along when at a great time in our lives. It will take a major financial burden away from our family and allow me to stay home for a while. We are both very grateful for what God has given us!

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