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WFMW – The Reusable Bag

So lately I’ve been asking a few online friends about reusable shopping bags. Most say they use them, not every shopping trip but they at least use them and see other people using them. I’ve not seen anyone anywhere using them. I know that it seems crazy for me to be worried about being seen with them, but I think that’s my big issue, along with cashiers just not getting it.

On my weekly shopping trip yesterday my cashier at Walmart who has worked there for quite some time discussed the reusable bags with me. She said that there are a few people using them, but not many. She directed me to the black bags that were hanging up, said that they were really nice, yet I didn’t buy any bags. She said she thinks most people forget to take them on their shopping trips or just didn’t plan on shopping at all. We discussed the different bags on the market.

Fast forward about 30 minutes……..

My son helped bring all of the groceries in, so that I could put them away quickly in time to pick the kids up from the bus stop. I started putting all of the bags into one bag and realized that the cashier had double and triple bagged everything in my cart! The bread was double bagged, the 10 lb. bag of russet potatoes was triple bagged and on my normal trips they never bag potatoes!

Needless to say I was upset enough to get out my reusable bags and start looking up a pattern to make more. My trips are going to be much more eco-friendly now. So now bringing my own shopping bags works for me!

On the subject of shopping bags, enter to win some really cool ones here. Simple Mom is giving away quite a few bags that I’ve not seen before. Have a look around, Simple Mom is my hero! More WFMW.

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Works For Me Wednesday: The phone that saved me!

As a few of you know, my posts have been very rare lately. I did try to keep up on Twitter, but its hard to stay up to date on everything going on. However the one thing that saved me was my new AT&T Tilt. I’ve had phones break, modems break, and even KoolAid in my laptop lately. The tilt has me online and I’m not even in a 3G area. Its a bit slower than in the city, but hey it works.

Today I did get my finance’s computer online, and can use the Tilt for a modem. Isn’t that awesome! For a country girl and only having dial-up as a resort when everything else has failed (satellite here we come!) the Tilt has kept me sane.

Some cool specs that I’ve enjoyed include 3.0 Mega Pixel Camera, Sliding and tilting Touchscreen.
Full Qwerty keypad and it has Windows Mobile 6 which is a great upgrade from what I’ve experienced. Having my Outlook calendar at my fingertips has saved me more than once also. If you are shopping around try this phone out, its more than just a phone, its a life saver.

At&T Tilt works for me! For more WFMW go check out Rocks In My Dryer

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WFMW Sharpie Edition 9/10/08

Here a few months ago I came accross 2 packs of Sharpies, one of regular and one of the Ultra Fine Point in all of the great colors below! I know its amazing huh! And on top of finding them they were half off. Well the perfectionist in me kept them in the package for at least 2 months, then one day I wanted to try one of the Ultra Fine Points to match the colors on a postcard. After that I was hooked! These things don’t bleed through like I thought they would. Sure they will bleed thought, but if you are careful you can use them on ur calendar, to underline in textbooks (can you tell I’m out of highlighters), to make out your checks, color coordinate most anything! I’m so excited! I have them all over now, and want at least one more pack so that I never run out! This is my WFMW in color!

slate grey
ocean blue
blue ice
sky blue
rain shower
spruce green
pink lemonade
brick red


  • Precise, narrowed tip for extreme control
  • Permanent on most surfaces
  • Fade and water resistant
  • Quick-drying ink
  • AP certified nontoxic formula
  • 39 assorted colors to make your marking unique

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Works For Me: BACKWARDS Edition (Koi Ponds)

After discussing it for about a week, we decided to go down to the Koi place in the city this weekend. We want a koi pond out front, but even after having all of the information, we really don’t know where to start. Does anyone have links or information about koi ponds? We have a lot of room, and want something pretty big but that’s affordable. I hope someone knows m

ore than what we do now and can help with more information

More Backwards WFMW

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Works for me Wednesday


What works for me this week is my grocery list. I have a master grocery list that I print out and mark what I need, then it only takes me 20 minutes in the grocery store to buy groceries, and this is with 4 kids in tow. Most of the time I have a running list on the fridge and then just add what is needed to implement my Menu for the week, and any other odds and ends. I should start couponing also, but the only store around is Walmart, and it frustrates me enough as it is.

This is what my list looks like:

Produce Pantry Meat Bathroom
Fruit: corn Deli: Christi
bananas green beans turkey body soap
apples Black Beans ham shampoo
oranges red Beans roast beef deodorant
grapes Peas hot dogs toothpaste
strawberries Diced Tomato bacon razor
kiwi Chicken Noodle sausage shave gel
limes tomato sauce lunchables Qtips
lemons crushed tomato band aids
Veggies: cream of chicken butcher: neosporin
lettuce ravioli chicken breast
green pepper Rotel Tomato chicken wings Kayla:
cucumbers pasta whole chicken soap
carrots mac -n- cheese ground beef shampoo/ cond
tomato rice steak toothpaste
salad steak tips lotion
colored peppers ground turkey
spinich pork chops Payton
broccoli Roast soap
corn on the cob deodorant
basil Snacks Dairy shampoo
parsley ritz crackers 1% milk toothpaste
garlic cheeze its cheese slices lotion
Cilantro nachos Block Cheese
onion chips eggs Austin:
cookies sour cream soap
100 cal snacks cottage cheese shampoo
spray butter comb
Drinks cream cheese toothbrush
Spices etc….. Diet coke whipped cream toothpaste
cake mix crystal lite IND. margarine
frosting crystal lite Velveeta
powdered sugar juice Pharmacy
pepper propel Advil
season salt bottled water Paper Products multi vitamin
sea salt red bull plates Excedrin
Ceyenne pepper bowls benedryl
oregano spoons ibuprofen
cinnamon forks tylenol
pudding Frozen coffee filters cough medicine
paprika sausage biscuits paper towels allergy pills
basil toaster strudels kleenex
sugar fries napkins
flour mixed veggies toilet paper Condiments
Splenda pizza cups ketchup
ice cream aluminum foil mustard
OPC Combo sammy bags mayo
Breads pancakes freezer bags worstershire
Bread waffles garbage bags hot sauce
Hot Dog Buns lean cuisine dog food pickles
Hamburger Buns pot pies saran wrap RedWine Vin.
Rolls mango olive oil
pineapple canola
Strawberries balsamic vin.
bbq sauce

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