Menu Plan Monday- Thanksgiving Edition 2008

This week the kids are home for 3 days, gone for 2, home for 2 and while they are home Grandmothers have asked for them a day here or there. With 4 kids it makes planning a nightmare! So here is a list of what I think we are going to have.

Monday: Turkey and Dumplings

Tuesday: Tacos

Wednesday: Baked Spaghetti

Thursday: Pow Wow (Indian food I’m assuming)

Friday: Turkey, dressing and all the trimmings

Saturday: Turkey Pot Pie

Sunday: Roast and Potatoes.

For more menus go to

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The Reusable Bag

After some thinking, and talking to friends and family, I decided to take the plunge into a new blog. The Reusable Bag. Come join in the eco-friendly fun. If you have any ideas for the blog, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can come up with. If you make or sell bags, get in touch with me and I will try to put a spotlight out for ya!

Come join my journey to using the reusable bag.

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WFMW – The Reusable Bag

So lately I’ve been asking a few online friends about reusable shopping bags. Most say they use them, not every shopping trip but they at least use them and see other people using them. I’ve not seen anyone anywhere using them. I know that it seems crazy for me to be worried about being seen with them, but I think that’s my big issue, along with cashiers just not getting it.

On my weekly shopping trip yesterday my cashier at Walmart who has worked there for quite some time discussed the reusable bags with me. She said that there are a few people using them, but not many. She directed me to the black bags that were hanging up, said that they were really nice, yet I didn’t buy any bags. She said she thinks most people forget to take them on their shopping trips or just didn’t plan on shopping at all. We discussed the different bags on the market.

Fast forward about 30 minutes……..

My son helped bring all of the groceries in, so that I could put them away quickly in time to pick the kids up from the bus stop. I started putting all of the bags into one bag and realized that the cashier had double and triple bagged everything in my cart! The bread was double bagged, the 10 lb. bag of russet potatoes was triple bagged and on my normal trips they never bag potatoes!

Needless to say I was upset enough to get out my reusable bags and start looking up a pattern to make more. My trips are going to be much more eco-friendly now. So now bringing my own shopping bags works for me!

On the subject of shopping bags, enter to win some really cool ones here. Simple Mom is giving away quite a few bags that I’ve not seen before. Have a look around, Simple Mom is my hero! More WFMW.

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Making a Weekly Plan

This morning I’m thinking about the rest of my week, and how many things I have to do. Of course I’m pulling out my notebook to write a Todoodlist.Click here to view more details I have my menu plan already posted on my calendar. Homeschool is going much better since My son now really understands his schedule of things to do which I have written on these sheets for him to have and keep notes on. We also have a family thing, its Gran Gran’s 80th Birthday. I have to find something to wear, crossing my fingers! And to top it off, Friday I have two research papers due, I know I procrastinate! Now off to doodle my list. Have a great week. What’s on ur TodoodlistClick here to view more details?
Me and Drake, or is it Josh?

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Menu Plan Monday 11-17 to 11-23

This week is gonna be hectic on my end personally because its getting close to the end of the semester. So I think I’m going with things that are easy to prepare or just put in the crockpot.

Monday: I finally have the Turkey Defrosted so that and some veggies
Tuesday: Boston Butt, Wild Rice, Veggies
Wednesday: Spaghetti, French Bread, Salad
Thursday: Mexican (Any Recipe for Crock?)
Friday: :Leftovers
Saturday: Gran Gran’s 80th Birthday Party (what to wear?)
Sunday: meat loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Salad

For More MPM Click here.

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Works For Me Wednesday: The phone that saved me!

As a few of you know, my posts have been very rare lately. I did try to keep up on Twitter, but its hard to stay up to date on everything going on. However the one thing that saved me was my new AT&T Tilt. I’ve had phones break, modems break, and even KoolAid in my laptop lately. The tilt has me online and I’m not even in a 3G area. Its a bit slower than in the city, but hey it works.

Today I did get my finance’s computer online, and can use the Tilt for a modem. Isn’t that awesome! For a country girl and only having dial-up as a resort when everything else has failed (satellite here we come!) the Tilt has kept me sane.

Some cool specs that I’ve enjoyed include 3.0 Mega Pixel Camera, Sliding and tilting Touchscreen.
Full Qwerty keypad and it has Windows Mobile 6 which is a great upgrade from what I’ve experienced. Having my Outlook calendar at my fingertips has saved me more than once also. If you are shopping around try this phone out, its more than just a phone, its a life saver.

At&T Tilt works for me! For more WFMW go check out Rocks In My Dryer

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Menu Plan Monday 11-10 to 11-17

I’ve continued with my menus, but with computer problems it has been hard to get things posted on my blog. I”ve resorted to using my calendar, moleskine and my phone to keep up with the world and my brain! lol

Monday: Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday: Smoked Turkey Breast, Mac n Cheese and Mixed veggies

Wednesday: Spaghetti and French Bread

Thursday: Hamburgers and Fries

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Going to see the Blue Angels in Pensacola Florida

Sunday: Mexican

For more Menus go to OrgJunkie.

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